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Hope we have been of service and that the new site is as informative as we can make it.We have made a concious effort to update the Used bike and New bike stock so please keep a regular "EYE" on those tabs!.


 If we have not been able to assist you with your Technical question or purchase, you can call us on:-

Tel - 01543 450150

Fax - 01543 450190

We are enduring technical problems with the following email address, for the moment please use the "Btconnect one further below.


We seem to be having some technical problems with our email address. please contact us by phone or at

edmondson then the . sign then racing then the  @   sign then btconnect then the  .com sorry for the inconvienience but we have been targeted and are getting 2,000 spam e mails a day so our e mail contact has been suspended until it can be re-configured.

regards + thanks

Sorry for the inconvienence....

Opening Hours - 9 - 6:00pm Monday to Friday

                      9 - 1pm Wednesday (half day)

                      9 - 4pm Saturday

                      Closed and gone riding!

 Or send us an email using the form below: -


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