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We arein the process of awebsite upgrade. More to follow in the months ahead. Big congratulations to all the 2017 Factory Beta riders of Steve Holcombe, Jonny Aubert and Jeremy Jolly on their respective cracking results in 2016 and for 2017 too. GP wins and now heading the constructers championship for the first time in Beta's history. ! Well done all involved.
Edmondson Racing proud to sell the Beta and Bultaco Brinco bikes.

The all new BETA 300 2T "X" Trainer !

Beta has revolutionized the enduro market with a bike that is compact, light, and easy to ride. Meet the Xtrainer.

Xtrainer is the only true "all-around" enduro bike in the market. It is the perfect bike for riders who wish to play ride without the intimidation of a full size enduro machine or for the expert rider looking to enhance their technical skills.

Our engineers saw the need to build a bike that defines fun, a motorcycle that is perfect for newcomers becoming involved with the wonderful world of enduro riding. The Xtrainer offers excellent performance while at the same time is easy to ride.

Features include a smaller delta box frame which provides a lower seat height and a low centre of gravity. Add to this a 43mm front fork along with a dedicated rear shock and you have a bike that is agile and easy to control which builds rider’s confidence.

The chassis is mated to an engine that is from the popular 300 RR only designed to offer a power that is more linear and progressive making the bike more docile.  Our engineers then added electronically controlled oil injection to provide the perfect oil/gas mixture thus eliminating the need to premix.

So if you want to learn enduro, or if you want to improve your enduro technical skills, the Xtrainer is what you need. The first true enduro bike for everyone.

Xtrainer; the true definition of Fun  (See the range of Beta Bikes and click on the X Trainer model for full info and bigger picture)


Welcome to the all new Bultaco Brinco recreational dual powered / electric bike. An new addition and opertunity to get off road in areas that traditional motor bikes are frowned upon. The Brinco is what is best described as based upon a traditional styled "Mountain Bike" with a totally independant pedaling system like any other traditional push bike. 9 speed with a simple push button Hi / Low Ratio option located in the lower area of the pedal crank giving 18 ratios in total.

Add to that an incredibly torquey rear wheel hub mounted 2Kw motor which is powered by high tech re-chargeable Lithium battery. The motor is activated by a simple swipe of  a unique card or wrist bracelet and has three modes of  power delivery. "Eco" is the first and allows the bike to be ridden from the use of a traditional motor cycle throttle twist grip. Twist it and the power comes in smoothly and controlably up to a speed of approximatly 15 MPH. Press the mode button on the speedo to select "Touring" and now the rider has the option to achevie higher speeds of around 24 MPH . If thats not enough then press again and select "Sport" to get it up to a maximum of 38 MPH.!  The Brinco can be ridden totally independantly in either mode as well as a combination of both to give the rider ful and total control.

Price is £3,995 including VAT @ 20% and Availble in Red or Blue.

   Best regards,



Factory Stan.


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