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BETA has revolutionized the Trail / Fun and Clubmen enduro market with a bike that is compact, light, and easy to ride. Meet the all new 300 Xtrainer.! No proposed differances so far on the mid 2016 to the 2017 models proposed other than a possible graphic update. Sadly like all bikes since Brexit, the price has increased slightly to £5995 + OTR (£93) which is still incredible value for money compared to other brands.
What aint broke dont fix !

Xtrainer is the only true "all-around" enduro / extreme / Trail  bike designed to fill all these  market needs. It is the perfect bike for riders who wish to play ride without the intimidation of a full size enduro machine or for the budding Red Bull Romanic's expert extreme rider looking to enhance their technical skills anlong with making easier work of the tough terrain.

The Xtrainer offers excellent performance while at the same time is easy to ride. Unlike the Orange Opposition, this bike has an Electric start which works "Every time" ...

It's Features include a smaller delta box frame which provides a lower 910 mm seat height and a low centre of gravity. Add to this a 43mm front fork with rebound damping adjustment in the left leg and spring only prelaod adjustment in the right. The rear shock has both compression and rebound adj's  and with a perfectly balanced setting form both end's, you have a bike that is agile and easy to control which builds rider’s confidence.

The chassis is mated to an engine that is from the popular 300 RR. It is designed to offer a power that is more linear and progressive making the bike more docile compared to its bigger brother of the 300 RR Enduro model. It still retains a power valve so with the adjustment screw on the R/H clutch cover, you have all the benifits of smooth liner power but with some get up and go when higher RPM is reached. The Beta engineers then added electronically controlled oil injection to provide the perfect oil/gas mixture thus eliminating the need to premix . This is controlled by a cam fitted in insde the carb which alters a TPS (Throttle position sensor) which then in turn tells the electronic oil pump how much two stroke oil to send in to the engine. The pump actually "Pluses" tiny drops of oil rather than what you might perceive a flow of oil that increses as the throttle is opened.

Fan kit fitted as standard.

Super light total package weighing an unbeleivable 99 kilo out of the crate! Sadly production is at maximum capacity over in downtown Italy and such is the demand world wide we have only got a single one to sell until more arrive in May.

Botton line is if you want to learn enduro, or if you want to improve your enduro technical skills, the Xtrainer is what you need. The first true enduro bike for everyone. Price £5395 inc vat (plus OTRcosts of £55 first reg fee and 12 months tax of £38.)

Xtrainer.... the true definition of Fun ! More pictures ON THE "MORE IMAGES" TAB.


Frame perimetric frame in molybdenum steel with double cradle split above the exhaust port

Wheelbase 1467 mm
Max length 2157 mm
Max width 802 mm
Max height 1245 mm
Seat height 910 mm
Ground clearance 320 mm
Footrest height 390 mm
Dry weight 99 kg (front 48 kg; rear 51 kg)
Fuel tank capacity 8,5 l.
Reserve 1,5l.
Oil tank capacity 650cc
Cooling system capacity 1,3 l.
Front suspension Hydraulic USD fork with ø 43 mm shaft, R/H leg spring pre load only L/H leg Rebound damping Adj'r only. 5 Wt fork oil.
Rear  Monoshock with compression and rebound adjustment.
Shock absorber stroke 110 mm
Front wheel travel 270 mm
Rear wheel travel 270 mm
Front brake Wave disc ø260 mm and double-piston floating caliper
Rear brake Wave disc ø240 mm and single-piston floating caliper
Front rim 21 x 1,6 - 36 holes
Rear rim 18 x 1,85 - 36 holes
Front tyre 80/100 - 21
Rear tyre 140/80 -18

Type Single cylinder, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled
Bore 72 mm
Stroke 72 mm
Displacement 293,1 cc
Compression ratio 11,3:1
Exhaust Valve BPV Systsem. Adjustable externally to produce soft to harder hitting power charecteristics.
Electric start. (No Kick start as standard but Availabe soon as an after market kit). Beta's electric start works faultlessly !
Ignition Kokusan AC-CDI
Spark plug NGK GR7CI8
Induction system induction reed
Auto Lube self Mixing system via remote electronic pump. (Neat fuel in petrol tank and 2T oil in remote oil tank under seat.)
Carburettor Keihin PWK 36 with mechanical cam to operate a TPS (Throttle Position Sensor which regulates the amount of 2T oil the pump delivers to the engine).
Clutch wet multi-disc clutch
Primary drive straight toothing Z. 28/70
Transmission 6 gears
Final transmission chain
Engine oil SAE 10W/40
Currently all sold Next batch due  Early DECEMBER  2016.


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