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Technical and basic information that will help you with your bike from all aspects of setup and repair.

In this section we offer our assistance in the maintenance and repair of KTM Off-Road Motorcycles. In time we will give updates on suggested jetting issues and other useful information. Bear with us and we will help you help yourselves all we can.

Important.... Read all of the text below as it will have an importance if you own a 2011 / '12  Injection four stroke SX-f or XC-F bike!

One thing that is becoming more apparent is the "issues" linked to the new fuel injection 2011/12 model KTM bikes. We will endeavor to help you the owners "Help Yourselves" on these matters over the comming weeks. Back to basics I'm afraid as clean fuel containers and after cleaning maintainece will go a long way to sorting these issues...

We have also learned that normal fuel is alledgedly bieng blended with more of a substance that causes the "Furring" up of the injector nozzle when left for long periods of time, adding to the trouble of poor starting. Please Keep aware of updates on this matter as we are genuinly finding that modern day fuel does not keep as well as our yesteryear and older "4Star"  users / riders have mostly expierienced....Email us for the full lowdown on these issues and we will send back a four page info document of how to best cope.

We have suffered an issue on A race bikes with the tiny fuel filter situated at the entrance to the throttlebody. After only a few hours of use the filter contained enough "Debris" to make the bike feel really down on power. . From this expierience, we would recommend the following;

After every major race we would say that it is of DEFINATE benefit to remove, clean and refit this small filter. If not you may suffer the consequences especially as some two day BEC enduro's are 6 - 8 hours a day with a Parc ferme at night so in terms of hours use, it can run in to double figures before this maintanence is or can be carried out.

KTM do not recomend that the filter is removed alltogether as instead of collecting the debris, it will then allow it to fowl up the injector which is more difficult to clean and access especially in race conditions. (Remember that the fuel pipe is under 3 bar + of pressure so dont try to fit any of the after market clear fuel filters as they may split. Normal "Carbed" type bikes and fuel supply is not under pressure only gravity fed).

The symtoms of the filter bieng or becoming blocked are poor engine performance and then followed by  a misfire and bogging effect before it wont run at all. We would recommend any 2011 + '12 bike's to have regular main fuel filter replacements that are situated inside the tank as these will look "Dark" in colour if becoming blocked.

This tiny filter is almost "TOO GOOD" and is fitted as standard to all 2012 Injection model bikes but is available to be put on all 2011 models as well hence our rcomendation that it is cleaned very regularly. When bieng refitted, use either the genuine clip or a "Full Circle" type fuel clip not a conventinal "Jubilee" style clip.

We have also fitted to our race bikes, a "Filter Sock" under the Tank Filler Cap to collect any rubbish that may be in the petrol can.

We also have retro fitted the 2013 / 14 "Dry Break" fuel delivery part to earlier models as this allows the small filter to be changed in a matter of seconds rather than to have to remove the tank in order to do it.

The Scoop on BETA Forks

Hello Guys and Gals,

Many of you and your customers contact us asking which front fork we recommend and what the differences are so we thought we would provide some details to help better answer this question.


The 48 mm Sachs fork that comes on all standard RR and RS models is an open cartridge design. An open cartridge fork means it has one oil chamber. The oil that lubricates the slider bushings is the same oil that is forced through the compression and rebound pistons. Open cartridge forks tend to be more "plush" and work very well for A, B, and C level riders. Beta has been developing this fork every year since 2012. There have been many changes including piston diameter and cartridge design to enhance the fork performance.


The 48 mm Marzocchi fork that comes on RR Race Editions is a closed cartridge design. Closed cartridge forks utilize two separate oil chambers, one to lubricate the bushings and provide a proper "air gap" while the second oil is sealed inside the inner chamber for the rebound and compression pistons. This fork is called a "Factory" fork as it has hard anodized tubes as well as hard anodized internal parts. The Marzocchi fork is intended for racing therefore is valved for "race speeds". It is designed to be used by AA and top level A racers.


With this in mind, under most cases, it is better to sell a standard RR model to play riders as the open cartridge fork is more compliant and will perform better for his or her riding capability. It would be like driving a Ferrari to and from work when you live in stop and go traffic. The Marzocchi race fork performs its best at higher speeds, not only MPH but when it is hitting bumps, rocks, etc at a higher rate of speed. Some B and C level riders will complain about this fork as being too harsh.  


As all suspension, proper spring rates, proper torque of the triple clamp bolts, oil level, and proper axle alignment are very important. Any one of these items that are not at the factory specs will alter the fork's performance.


One other item that plays a very large role in suspension performance is the air gap, it is the amount of air left at the top of the stroke when the fork is compressed. The air gap affects bottoming resistance as well as the harshness of the fork at the end of its stroke. As the oil level is raised, the air gap is decreased causing more bottoming resistance.


Please contact us for more information if needed.  A big thanks to American Beta for taking the time and effort to simplify all the above information.

Your Edmondson Racing Beta Crew

  keep an eye out for any more updates.

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